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Is it worth the wait? 

I think the real issue is that we have accustomed our minds to move so fast and rush, that we forget to live in the moment that was created specifically for us. We forget that the best things happen when we are waiting for what we think we want. 

Less Is More

For physical fitness, I am focusing in on 45 minutes of any kind of movement per day. This helps me be realistic about what I know I can truly do. A huge lesson I have learned about myself is getting away from the mentality of “all or nothing” and into the mentality of “progress over protection.” Find the opportunity in today.

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Worrier to Warrior

Worry and anxiety have always been something I’ve struggled with, and in the past few years it has played a bigger part in my story than ever before. A couple years ago I was experiencing the most excruciating stomach aches, and they tried everything to help me, but it ended up being ANXIETY.

Lord, Bring Me A Friend

A few weeks ago I wanted to attend a networking event, and I knew I wouldn’t know anyone there, but I told myself I had to go… 

I’m On Vacation

Man, oh man, kids say the darndest things… I have the best story to share. I was spending time with my in-laws in Arizona this past Easter, which included a lot of laughs, hiking, pool time, and especially…games. Here’s a small glimpse into the fun times we had when we were there.

Power In The Pivot

The Burnout Prevention Project has been our company name since February of 2021, and has served a great purpose for creating context and conversation. We thought, “We just really want to make a positive impact and help those who are struggling with stress and burnout.” But something has felt off.

Being a Mary in a Martha World

She was only concerned with sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing what he had to say. She was curious, open, un-anxious, and unhurried.. a few qualities that are hard to come by.

That Shirt Doesn’t Look Good On You

Well… there is this one episode where Anne was trying too hard to change herself to fit who she felt she had to be to impress a guy. And at the end of the day, it did not “look good on her.” 😖 When we are too worried about what others think and try to change, it rarely looks good on us.


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