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Are You The Driver Or The Passenger? 

So the question we would like to pose is, at what point do you decide to take matters into your own hands? We could have just been the “passengers” along for the ride, and waited to see when they would come put in our dock. Instead, we decided to take charge and do it ourselves…


When I got home, I was completely starving at this point, so I ate the first thing I could find, then I rushed to my desk to start working again. Now here I sit writing this blog telling you about how stressed out I am…

How To Make Your Mental Health a Priority

I don’t know about you, but for me, maintaining a healthy and balanced mental health has always been a battle. It’s so easy to stay busy and go, go, go! But taking time to rest, reflect, and grow individually is exactly what we need to keep going and to ultimately prevent burnout. 

3 Tips Toward Healthy Eating

From the desk of Caitlin Hanson, What do you think of when someone suggests having a cheat meal? Do you think of ordering a burger with fries on the side? Or an indulgent and rich cheesecake for dessert? Okay…now my mouth is watering! On the flipside, what is your immediate thought when you hear the…

Are You A Fixer-Upper?

The architects and designers seem to see potential in every space and know exactly what it needs to make it better. Have you ever thought of yourself like a fixer-upper home? Now I don’t mean literally, but sort of like a work in progress that just needs a little help? 

My Love / Hate Relationship With Accountability

First, when someone else tries to hold me accountable, I feel annoyed. “I can do this myself!” I think. So I have always struggled with that. But I have always accomplished more when I’ve had someone I am accountable to.

Tips for Staying Consistent

It was so easy to justify not going with those excuses. But the times I did get there and finally jumped on the treadmill or finished a set of weights, I felt accomplished… but in the end, I wasn’t consistent….

How To Master The Art of Organization

Whether you have almost too many notebooks like me, or devices taking up your space, take some time to find an easy but out of the way space for those objects to live. Too much stuff can be overwhelming. And creating the habit of minimizing them can be a great start to consistent organization!

How do you feel when you honk your horn?

The other day, as I was approaching a roundabout, I noticed a vehicle in front of me that was completely stopped. There were absolutely no cars coming from any direction. Yet, they were just sitting there…. “Do I honk my horn, or do I not honk my horn?”

It’s all about the little things. 

Anyway, I woke up early this morning, and I was sitting and reflecting as I was waiting for my coffee to be brewed and I started to think.  I know that being angry or seeing the negative part of it all will do me no good. It will only make things worse and that anger…


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