Who We Are:

We are a professional development company, and are very outwardly focused on serving others. We believe in the importance of doing what you love and loving what you do. Our guiding star is our Christian faith, and this helps us continue to have a heart to serve.

Our Values:


Authentic Relationships

Innovation and creativity 

Teaching others

Helping our community

Kelsey is the founder of You Flourish Company. She is a risk-taking, socially poised, and motivating team builder. She is also an accomplished violinist and singer having performed in front of audiences as large as 20,000. She has given hundreds of presentations on networking skills, communication strategies, and behavioral assessments. As a corporate recruiter, she has conducted over 2,000 candidate interviews. And through her experience, she uncovered the fact that many people are disengaged in their jobs. Kelsey’s goal is to help leaders discover ways to prevent employee burnout, improve retention, and understand how they can prosper in everyday life.
Grace Lange

Grace is a visionary and persuasive communicator. Grace has spoken to crowds of hundreds of people at corporate workshops and community conferences and coached women through several coaching groups. She is passionate about helping people prevent burnout, understand what stress is, and discover what really matters to them. She is a small town girl with big plans to spread her knowledge from her prior experiences to everyone she meets. Grace is the Managing Partner at You Flourish Company where she continues to lead and expand large scale events. She is ultimately led by faith, and her goal is to help everyone she encounters uncover their true potential and who they are.

Ali is a group facilitator for You Flourish Company. Ali is a creative, out of the box leader who focuses on driving results and solving issues. She is passionate about taking complex situations and simplifying them to design efficiencies and elevate strategic initiatives. Ali has seen many women become overwhelmed and overworked in her industry, so her mission is to bring guidance and coaching to anyone working in the human services industry.

Go from stressed and fatigued to fully flourishing.

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