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You Flourish Company's speaking and coaching helps businesses and individuals reduce stress, prevent burnout, and develop genuine leadership.

What's the cost of your stress?

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The average person spends over 125,000 minutes at work every year. Do you often feel overwhelmed and over worked? 


Burnout is caused by prolonged stress, and it leads you to lose your spark and your joy… 


It’s time to stop putting your peace and fulfillment on the back burner and discover how you can flourish!


If you’ve recently found yourself…


  • …spread too thin at work or at home…
  • …saying “yes” just to please…
  • …feeling paralyzed by a heavy workload…

…we can help!

Our Signature Event

Women's Goal Setting Summit

When is the last time that you took an entire day to work on yourself and your goals?


At the Women’s Goal Setting Summit, you have the opportunity to create a plan to achieve your goals that is specific to you, your life, and your schedule. We allow time for you to reflect on what you want to stop, start, and continue doing in your life, and how you can set yourself up for success going forward!


“This has been the very first time I actually dug deeper into my goals and found the root of a vague goal. It was very eye opening and rewarding.” – 2023 Attendee

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You Can Enjoy Work & Life Again...

You Flourish Company provides favorable settings for you to authentically connect, reflect, and grow through…

Why You Flourish Company?

We have had the opportunity to speak in front of thousands of high-achieving leaders and coach hundreds of professionals. We absolutely love watching leaders go from lacking confidence to building resilience and consistently crushing their goals.

Pushed me outside of my comfort zone...
This was a step out of my comfort zone, but a step I wouldn’t take back. Meeting new friends (those whom I wouldn’t have ever paired together) and learning that they too are facing the same or similar challenges was one thing that brought me ease. While it wasn’t always about goal setting or learning how to be better, it was a group that I never knew I needed until I had it. Keeping each other accountable for so many things, and going through obstacles with one another are just two of the many great things I took away from this Peer Advisory Coaching Group. ~ Brooklyn Sirek, Marketing Consultant
Created Space...
Thank you both for creating a wonderful day and a space for strong women at the Women's Goal Setting Summit. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to grow. ~ Carrie Haugen, Campus Recruitment Manager
The Resilience Multiplier 6 Week Course has made such a positive impact on my life. ~ Amber Wogsland
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Some organizations that LOVED our workshops...

We learn, grow, and have fun together!

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