It’s Not About Work-Life Balance

From the desk of Grace Lange, 

“There is no such thing as work-life balance – it is all life. The balance has to be within you.” – Sadhguru

I recently found this quote, and it was the first truth I feel like I have read in a long time.

Society puts so much pressure on work-life balance.

They say…

Everyone should have work-life balance…

Every company should make sure their employees have a good work-life balance… 

And on and on… 

After reading this quote, I am not sure that work-life balance is the real issue. 

I think the real issue is that those who seem to not have this balance they are talking about, may just have different priorities, and work may be their number one priority at the moment. 

Though it may not make them happy, it is what they feel they need to focus on. 


I have always pictured myself being a top CEO at a company, wearing the pink pantsuit to work… leading an awesome team…

But I have also always pictured myself having a huge family… maybe like 6 kids… 

Many people ask me how I think I will be able to do it all…

…. To me it doesn’t seem like it is completely crazy or out of reach, because I know that I prioritize family, work, fun, and doing something for myself everyday. 

Yes, if I chose that life it will be hard, but to me it’s worth it. 

My work-life balance will look MUCH different than the woman who chooses to travel the world with her husband and not have children. She may value different things than I do… 

But we all value work in some sense. 

We all know that we have to work to live, or live to work. Whichever it is, you’ve still got to work. 

I believe that work-life balance can only be achieved through hard work. 

When you work hard, you are able to take breaks, spend more time with your family, travel more… but it all comes with hard work. 

Another thing society tells us is that we should get things handed to us. 

I am a strong believer of working for what you have, listening to your body and taking a break when you need to, then enjoying the success of your hard work. 

I recently read this quote by Dave Ramsey, and he stated, “God feeds the birds, but he doesn’t throw the worms into the nest.” 

God will always provide for you, but you have to also provide for yourself. 


When it comes to work-life balance, I know that everyone’s balance looks different…

…and our balance should not just be finding balance within our work. 

It is important to find a balance in your entire life and understand that it will change… probably everyday! 

What do you prioritize today? 

If I ever do become the CEO of a huge company and have 6 kids… come talk to me about this and I might have a different story… LOL. 

For now, work-life balance, to me, is all about working hard while I can, and enjoying the time I get to spend with the ones I love and doing the things I love. Even if that time is limited.


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