Speaking Topics

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Our most popular topics:

  1. Ignite Authenticity
  2. Top 3 Ways to Prevent Burnout
  3. Stress to Success

Ignite Authenticity

Uncover the secret to being a genuine leader in a world full of busy.

  • How do I own my mistakes?
  • How do I give quality feedback?
  • How do I celebrate others?


Top 3 Ways to Prevent Burnout

Develop a new passion for your work and get clarity on how to flourish in your current role.

  • What is burnout and how can I prevent it?
  • How can I find congruency with my work and passions?
  • How can I prioritize what truly matters to me instead of being pulled in a million directions?
  • How can I re-align with my “why”?


Stress to Success

Manage your stress during chaotic times and leave feeling satisfied with your small wins.

  • How do I stop the negative thoughts inside my head?
  • How do I let go of daily guilt of things I “should” be doing?
  • What is my own definition of success?


We do not have a one size fits all approach. We are all about “freedom to adjust within a proven framework.” Let’s get to know each other a bit better to determine if we are a good fit.

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Quarterly Professional Development Series

Looking for a more hands-on experience for your organization? Studies show that employees are craving professional development more now than ever before.


In our quarterly series, you will receive 3 tailored sessions and 1 final review day quarterly throughout the year. Select your top 3 favorite topics from the following list:

What is burnout?

  • How do I prevent burnout?
  • How do I navigate the stress cycle?


Your Mindset Matters

  • Preventing burnout, abolishing stressors, and negative thoughts
  • Acknowledge and eliminate imposter syndrome & perfection paralysis


Re-Define Winning

  • Giving yourself permission to take imperfect action
  • Be more patient with yourself and others when a mistake is made


Setting Unbreakable Boundaries

  • Discover how to protect your calendar and align your commitments with your values
  • How to navigate how and when to prioritize taking care of yourself


Giving Yourself Grace

  • Learn how to incorporate more rest into your week
  • Alleviating the pressure and the “shoulds” you put on yourself


Aligning with Your Values

  • Define your core values
  • Do a calendar audit and determine how to use your values to make better decisions


Discovering Your True Passions

  • Identify the tasks that truly “light your fire”
  • Design a plan to allow yourself to lean into your passions more in your everyday life


Paralyzed by Perfect

  • Strategies for accepting when you make mistakes
  • Learning how to use your fear as fuel and overcome perfectionism

Go from stressed and fatigued to fully flourishing.

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