If a goal is worth having, it’s worth blocking out the time in your day to day
life necessary to achieve it. - Jill Koenig

January 12, 2024

Avalon Events Center

A Full Day Just For YOU!

When is the last time that you took an entire day to work on yourself and your goals? 


At the Women’s Goal Setting Summit, you have the opportunity to create a plan to achieve your goals that is specific to you, your life, and your schedule. We allow time for you to reflect on what you want to stop, start, and continue doing in your life, and how you can set yourself up for success going forward!


“This has been the very first time I actually dug deeper into my goals and found the root of a vague goal. It was very eye opening and rewarding.” – 2023 Attendee

Amazing Guest Speakers

We bring in the highest caliber speakers to help you dive deeper. 

Our speakers come from all walks of life and have relatable experiences that will be sure to push you to make the changes you need to make to be the best you can be!

“The energy of all of the speakers was fantastic, the time to reflect and work through an action plan, the coaching session and peer advisory session were also awesome!” – 2023 Attendee

True Connection With Others

All of our events are based on creating true, authentic connections with others… 


At the Women’s Goal Setting Summit we create space for you to meet other women, give and gain insight from others, and we even make sure you stay connected after the event! 


“My favorite part was connecting with other like-minded women. It made me understand that there are so many ladies just like me.” – 2023 Attendee


Life is too short to not have any fun… so our mission is to make the day the most fun day EVER! 


With games, jokes, and spontaneous activities, the day is filled with laughter and joy!


So if you are ready to have some fun with us, register today!

Are You Ready To Set Your Self Up For Success In 2024?

January 12, 2024

Avalon Events Center

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