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This is Kelsey and Grace and we want to congratulate you for downloading the Top 10 Ways to Prevent Your Burnout. 


We are very excited for you to get your hands on our favorite “how-to” guide.


…If you even apply just one thing it could be life changing.


It will be in your inbox in the next 5 minutes, but while you’re waiting…


We had something super important to share with you…But first, we have a quick question.


Are you stressed to the max and paralyzed by your own perfectionism, always wanting to please everyone around you?




Maybe you put on a face and just “push through your stress,” but sometimes in a not-so-healthy-way…


We would like to help you break your stress cycles for FREE, so you can feel more joy, peace, and balance in your personal and professional life (and in less than 20 minutes).




We know how it feels to think…

  • I can’t balance all of this. 
  • I’m tired of trying to please everyone.
  • I am paralyzed by my own perfectionism.
  • I am just tired, plain ol’ tired.


What if we were to tell you that we truly believe there is a way for you to be more productive in less time, and without the stress…?


A way for you to recognize what causes your burnout, and learn how to prevent it in the future…


Plus to abolish all those stress cycles, that have stopped you from feeling at peace and living a life you love…


We’re talking about a simple, step-by-step approach to you controlling your schedule, your constant worries, and your stress, to bring you to a place of more calm and peace in your personal and professional life…


Sound interesting?





We help high-achieving, dynamic, values-driven women do what’s possible, even when it feels impossible.


We have had the wonderful honor of coaching hundreds of high achieving women– just like you.


We’ve also spoken in front of thousands of women on building resilience, how to overcome perfectionism, and how to give yourself more grace.


And the reason we share this with you, is because burnout prevention and stress management is something we know inside and out, and we know our stuff…


It’s something we visit about with women like you every single day…





This is Kelsey, taking over now, because I have a story to share with you.


I wonder if you can relate to this.


People have often asked me…

  • Why are you always so positive?

  • How do you keep it all together? You are like superwoman!

  • You are so busy, it’s amazing how you balance it all!

And the truth is, I am really good at putting on a face and pushing through…


…To a point at which it becomes unhealthy and detrimental to my well-being. 


Even worse – I often ended up taking out all my stress on my loved ones.


My poor husband…



I have always been afraid of admitting when I am exhausted or need help.


I don’t want to look weak.


A while back, I was in the middle of a very stressful job where I had an extremely dominant boss who expected a lot out of me.


On top of that, I was navigating a new romantic relationship (with my now husband 🙂 ), and in some financial stress as well…


…Barely scraping by…


Yet, from the outside, no one would have known I was struggling. Because I didn’t want to admit it.





I recently found a journal entry from this time in my life, it was a prayer for help…


Dear God,

I feel alone and confused.

I feel rejected and unheard.

I am unorganized and frazzled.

I have tried and tried and tried… I have worked so hard!

And I still feel like I am not going anywhere…in my life or career.

My head is spinning. I need you more than ever right now.

Worse yet, I have an extremely bitter attitude.

I am angry, I am cynical, and I don’t even know if I like people anymore…

This feels detrimental to my physical and mental health…

…and to the well-being of those around me.

I am not kind to others, and I am not being kind to myself either.

I am so stressed out.

How in the world will I stop this cycle?!

What is it going to take to turn this ship around?

I don’t even know where to begin.



And as I complained about the stress, both in my journal to God and out loud to my husband, I became more and more miserable…


…Without coming up with any real solutions.


This is what it was like to be at your limit and feeling burned out.


I had lost my purpose and my motivation, and I resented my boss and my job.


I felt apathetic and neglected my friends and loved ones.


THIS is burnout.


Being completely depleted.



And then, one day, I had a critical epiphany…


I noticed a few women in my life who were not only having success, but they were having so much fun!


They had a completely different approach to work and life.


And I’m not talking like a unique hack or anything like that….


I’m talking about…


An Entirely Different Way of Managing Their Stress and Balancing Their Work


Their mindset towards their day to day activities was so drastically different than mine.


They weren’t investing their thoughts, time, and energy into things that were petty, like I was.


I was focusing my time in areas I thought I “should” be focusing, which caused so much stress.


And I was trying to be perfect in all areas of my life.


I wasn’t taking massive, imperfect action…


Instead, I was afraid of messing up…


I was constantly talking myself out of things, because of my limiting beliefs…


When I did something outside my comfort zone, I would get so stressed I’d turn into a monster…


And the cycle would continue.


These women I admired seemed to have just as many hours in the day and, unlike me, they seemed to be enjoying every single moment.



But Do You Actually Know How to Prevent Your Burnout and Break Your Stress Cycles?


The reality is, there is A LOT that goes into this..


I discovered you can try to “positive mindset” your way out of burnout, but at the end of the day, you need a strong support system.


I was extremely fortunate to have a few incredible mentors. One mentor of mine was Maggie. She taught me that every day I had choices to make.


She taught me I was the CEO of my own life.


I wasn’t going to have success and balance overnight. I needed to consistently be dedicated to overcoming hurdles and taking care of myself.


This meant completely changing my viewpoint.


I needed to work hard when necessary, but also be bold enough to take a break and know where to pause.


She gave me specific guidance and above all, was there to listen and ask me the hard questions.


And she showed me how to have fun along the way.


And so now, that’s what Grace and I are very passionate about doing for you. 


We would like to provide you with a personalized Burnout Prevention Strategy to help you make some adjustments in your life that will be life changing.



A Support System and Accountability Makes a Big Difference


Achieving balance, peace and joy in your life is much easier when you:

  • Know where to start
  • Have support along the way
  • Have a roadmap
  • See things through a different lens

Having someone there for me to hold me accountable at the beginning of my journey made all the difference…


…and that’s why we want to do the same for you, but for FREE.


We will teach you how to do things such as…

  • How to abolish negative thoughts and imposter syndrome…

  • How to give yourself grace, and practice guilt-free thinking…

  • How to set unbreakable boundaries at work and at home…

  • How to do more of what gives you joy, and less of what doesn’t..



That’s a lot, right?!



So How Can Grace Help You Get from Here to Where You Want to Be?


(Just like Maggie did for Kelsey.)


Well first off, we really “get it”, because when we first started out as entrepreneurs, Grace and I both struggled with…


Am I smart enough? 


Am I ambitious enough? 


Can I truly put together a schedule that will work, so that I don’t get completely burned out…


We have both been there, and we both have joined forces to be a support system to help women discover their potential, by letting go of past stressors and habits.


Grace has decided to make herself available for our coaching to a very small number of go-getters. She will jump on for 20 minutes and:


  • Discuss your current habits and goals.
  • Identify your current greatest roadblock(s).

…Then she’ll help you create an action or two for the next 30 days so you can walk away with a plan and start feeling a bit more aligned.



A Personalized Plan Makes all the Difference


For a very limited time (and a very limited amount of people who qualify), we are offering a 20 minute “strategy” call with Grace.


The goal of this call?


Very simple…


To give you one actionable piece of advice you can use right away to break your stress cycles.


It’ll be simple…


It’ll be tangible…


And it’ll be tailored to your unique personal and professional situation.


Now, in order to achieve this goal in 20 minutes, the call will be structured as follows…

Grace will hop on a call with you…


And first, she is going to ask about your profession…


(Don’t worry, Grace will not be out to “stump” you with trick questions)


And then second…


Based on your answers, she is going to tell you exactly what you need to do immediately to start feeling more confident in your decisions and less stressed…


Oh, and the best news?


There’s nothing to sell on this call.


Yup, it’s 100% free and 100% free of any sales pitch. 😉


So you might be curious…



Why Would We Gift You This 20 Minute Strategy Call for FREE?


The truth is, there are 2 reasons:


First and foremost, it’s our #1 passion.


We get so much joy out of hopping on these calls and exploring ideas and ways to prevent your burnout and alleviate your stress.


Helping you come up with a solution that you feel excited about and something that will actually work, brings us so much excitement and is why we do what we do.


Anytime we can help someone overcome an obstacle and have that “ah-hah” moment, makes it all worth it.


The second reason we’re making you this generous offer for free is because…

Sometimes these calls turn into client relationships.


What?! I thought you said there would be no sales pitch!!


And you’re right…


There’s no sales pitch.


And yet, often after the 20 minute conversation we get a lot of women asking how they can work with us.


Whether it’s that day, a month later, or even a year later, they sometimes want to go deeper into a coaching relationship.


OR even simply want to attend our workshops.



So we are absolutely giving away these calls for free, because we know if we give you a great experience, even if you don’t become a client now, you might later, or maybe you’ll even put in a good word about us with a friend…


But again just for emphasis – there is truly nothing to sell on these calls.


At the end of the conversation you’ll be walking away with our specific advice on what to do to break your stress cycles and put an end to your perfectionism.


That being said…


This FREE offer is not for everyone…


First, you need to be a doer…


That means you need to be someone who doesn’t just “talk” about doing something, you mean business..


You need to be committed to stretching and growing, and ready and willing to receive coaching and feedback.


Next, you need to be in a sales-oriented role. 


You don’t necessarily need to have a “sales” title…your role is just probably people-oriented in nature.


Whether you’re trying to sell a company as a recruiter, sell a non-profit as a donor development professional, or something else…


Ultimately, the women we work with all have some sort of “skin in the game” when it comes to the results of their role.


Third, we work best with women of high integrity.


Grace and I are both passionate about our values-driven approach, and have found that those who have strong values are also a good fit for us.


As long as you’re open to us bringing up and asking about your values in conversation, you will be a perfect fit for us.


Lastly, this must be a now challenge for you. 


Not something you’ll work on in one month, or 6 months…


You are ready to make changes NOW and are needing to take action to prevent your burnout and eliminate your stress cycles.


Otherwise, there’s no point in us speaking just yet…


And that’s all! 


Those are all our criteria. 😉 


Easy, right?



This is a Very Limited Time Opportunity


Once again, this free call won’t be available forever.


In fact, we often get an influx of calls and so then we’ll take the offer down so we can manage our schedule…


Which means if you come back tomorrow, or even tonight, it might not be here…


So if you have the slightest feeling, you would be a fit for our call, I would book now while the offer is still available…


Here’s What to Do Next…

To book your free 20 minute strategy session with Grace simply… 

1. Click the link below… 

2. Pick a convenient time on our calendar, and… 

3. Fill out the short questionnaire (it helps us maximize our time together).


From there, we will hop on our call at your selected time, and I will take you through the 20 minute strategy session.


Simple 🙂


Here’s the link to book your spot now.

Grace looks forward to speaking with you soon!


Kelsey Buell and Grace Lange

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