The Resilience Multiplier Course

A Resilience Multiplier Experience For Those in The Human Services Industry

For self-motivated women who work in the human services or non-profit sector and are looking to grow personally and professionally. 

Are you tired of feeling like you have tried everything for your clients and feel like you are getting nowhere?


Are you feeling worn down supporting a wide variety of individuals or from wearing multiple hats at your organization? 


In a role where you are constantly serving others, do you forget to take care of yourself?


What if we told you there is a way to begin to feel like yourself again and believe what you do has a great impact on everyone around you?


A place where you have the backing of other like-minded women in the human services industry who want to help you create more balance and joy in your life… sound exciting?

Join us in March of 2023 for our Resilience Multiplier Course!

Our promise is to give you key strategies to use your gifts at work and at home and re-center with what really matters.

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In this interactive 6 week course, we will uncover what causes burnout, give you tools to help combat it, and we will spend time reflecting on your personal gifts, all while building a community of support. 

Group Sessions

Dates: Monday March 20th, 27th, April 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Location: TBD

Session 1: Understanding Burnout

  • What is the root cause of burnout?
  • What is the stress cycle and how to navigate it?

Session 2: Quiet Racing Thoughts

  • Recognizing your negative thoughts and abolishing them. 
  • Learn techniques for quick refocusing on the truth. 

Session 3: You Are Not "Just"

  • Recreating value in ourselves and the roles we serve. 
  • Understanding our talents and gifts and how they are used. 

Session 4: Set Unbreakable Boundaries

  • How to help others without losing ourselves. 
  • Alleviate the need for perfection and learn to give yourself grace.

Session 5: Be A Catalyst

  • Uncover how your attitude sets the pace for your work. 
  • Learn to empower ourselves and those we work with. 

Session 6: Review Day & Action Planning

  • Those in the program will bring their most challenging issues we’ve covered in the last couple of weeks, so we can create an action plan moving forward.

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Go from stressed and fatigued to fully flourishing.

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