Women's Peer Advisory Flourish Groups

An Intimate, Peer Advisory Setting

For self-motivated women who are looking to grow personally and professionally by having their own, objective board of directors.

Are you looking for an opportunity to set goals, push through difficulties, and grow alongside a group of like-minded, driven women?

Introducing, Flourish Groups!

Through our peer advisory groups, we provide women with the skills, mindsets, and behaviors needed to perform at their peak – both personally and professionally.


We have mastered the art of identifying intelligent, driven, goals-oriented women and putting them all in the same room in a small group setting.


We absolutely love watching female leaders hit and exceed their goals, and avoid burnout in the process.


Our groups meet once a month for a half day, where we have guest speakers, talk about current challenges, and guide one another through personal and professional situations.


"This group has helped me build my confidence, learn how to better process stress, and to build strategies to help me reach my goals."
"I love working on my goals and sharing ideas with women who have great support and input."
"We get a great balance of speaker, speaker debriefs, and helping others with their concerns."

Monthly Peer Advisory Group Benefits

  • Goal clarity and accountability
  • Tailored professional growth
  • Utilize knowledge of other members
  • Encouragement through difficult workplace challenges
  • Increased confidence
  • Self-awareness

What You Get

  • Connect with other high-achieving women and build lasting relationships
  • Monthly half day, intimate interactive peer advisory sessions
  • Frequent access to exclusive guest speakers
  • Ongoing connection and accountability
  • Complimentary tickets to Women’s Goal Setting Summit

Are YOU a good fit? Are you...

  • Committed to stretching and growing
  • A “doer” who is open to coaching and feedback
  • In a people-facing role within your company
  • A woman of high integrity
  • Someone who excels at building long term relationships

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