Brianna's Story

Brianna is a loving wife, mom to three beautiful children, a dog mom to Annie, and a dedicated Human Resources Professional! Brianna has been in Human Resources for over a decade and found her most recent passion and expertise within Talent Acquisition. She has been with Marvin for 8 years and currently works within their corporate team and enjoys being a unicorn hunter and career matchmaker. In her spare time she spends time volunteering as a BIO girls mentor building up young girls within the community to have more confidence and self-esteem. She also enjoys fitness, relaxing at the lake, reading, traveling, cooking and Netflix binging – just to name a few!
Brianna is a fierce trailblazer for young girls and women by breaking down barriers, stigmas, and stereotypes. She is passionate about helping women overcome obstacles or challenges they may be facing, discover their true potential, and finding contentment in their life. She will provide you with a safe space to be vulnerable, a support system, new friendships, and embrace who you are!

About The Course

What does the course cover?:

In this women’s leadership course, our goal is to help you find balance and reduce stress in a world full of “hurry”. Learn hands-on skills that will help you in your personal and professional life.


Each week we will have dialogue about an engaging weekly theme. Themes include but are not limited to: how to reduce stress, improving your mindset, re-defining success, preventing burnout, how to set unbreakable boundaries, delegation skills, how to be a catalyst for positive change and much more! See below for a more detailed description of each week.


When will the course be?:

Kelly will be co-facilitating with Flourish Facilitator Brianna Nistler. Their sessions will be Thursdays starting on February 5th – March 15th, 2024, 4:00-6:00pm. 


Does everyone who applies get in?

We have limited availability and try to thoughtfully curate our groups, so not everyone gets in. We want to be sure it’s the right timing and group for you.

Applications for our courses are now open! Our promise is to give you key strategies to multiply your resilience and increase your productivity in 6 weeks.


Join Brianna and Kelly to become the most resilient and fulfilled version of yourself!

Session Topics

Week 1: Unlocking the Stress Cycle

  • How do I prevent burnout?
  • What is the stress cycle and how do I navigate it?

Week 2: Setting Unbreakable Boundaries

  • How do I protect my calendar and align with my values?
  • What deserves my “best yes”?

Week 3: Reset Your Mindset

  • What are my limiting beliefs and when does my negative self-talk happen most?
  • Who is my “crazy person in the attic” and when is she lying to me?

Week 4: Progress Over Perfection

  • How can I take more imperfect action?
  • What is my true definition of success?

Week 5: Delegate to Elevate

  • What are my workplace passions?
  • How can I approach my work in a way that I can live better within my God-given talents?

Week 6: Be A Resilience Multiplier

  • How can I take what I’ve learned in the past 6 weeks, put it into action, and use it to positively impact those around me? 

I can't wait to meet you and help you flourish! ~ Brianna

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