Breakfast & Bibles

Flourishing in Faith.

Friday, October 13th | 7:30am-9:00am | Location: The Innovation Barn, Mandan, ND

Start your day right

Picture this… It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and you walk into a room and you immediately feel the presence of Jesus…


You grab a cup of coffee, meet someone new, hear someone’s amazing testimony of faith, and learn a new tip to grow in your faith…


What could be better than a morning like that?!


Well, that is exactly what you will get at Breakfast & Bibles!


Breakfast & Bibles was created to create a community of like-minded individuals who want to bring faith into every aspect of our lives, especially our work lives.


Whether you work at home, in the field, in a corporate setting, or anywhere, you are invited to come enjoy some coffee, a light breakfast, great speakers, and awesome connections.

Guest Speaker ~ Tara Feil

Dr. Tara Feil is a clinical psychologist passionate about helping people thrive. She has worked with adults and teens of all ages in clinical practice and has shared her message about well-being as a TEDx speaker. Dr. Feil provides consulting and education services to businesses and organizations and enjoys speaking about science-based ways to increase well-being and maximize personal and professional success.

Do you want to speak at an up coming Breakfast & Bibles or do you know someone else who should? 

Apply or nominate them today!

Breakfast & Bibles Bismarck

Why Should You Come?

  • Are you looking to grow in your faith and meet others who want to do the same?
  • Have you drifted away from God and want to grow in your relationship with Him, but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you seeking something more from life… but you aren’t sure what?
  •  Do you want to meet a community of individuals who are all committed to their Christian faith… no matter what specific religion they follow?
  •  Do you want to learn how to bring your faith back into every area of your life?
If you answered YES to even just one of these questions… This event is for YOU!

Your Bismarck Event Host

Meet Melissa! 


Melissa Artlip is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member and Coach with over 18 years of communications and leadership experience. Through one-on-one coaching, consulting, and strategic planning, Melissa partners with leaders to enhance their leadership skills and implement effective principles throughout their organizations.

Beyond the professional realm, Melissa finds joy and fulfillment in family life. Married to her husband Tyler, the couple cherishes a beautiful family consisting of two lovely daughters, Lydia and Natalie. In their spare moments, they love to serve their community.


Melissa serves on the Bismarck Youth Fastpitch Softball Association board, contributing to the growth and development of young athletes. Additionally, she is an integral part of the One More One Less Adoption board, and she serves in numerous roles at her church, Evangel.

Melissa Headshot

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