Breakfast & Bibles

Flourishing in Faith.

Friday, November 3rd | 7:15-8:15am | Dakota Medical Foundation - Fargo, ND

Start your day right

Picture this… It’s a beautiful Friday morning and you walk into a room and you immediately feel the presence of Jesus…

You grab a cup of coffee, meet someone new, hear someone’s amazing testimony of faith, and learn a new tip to grow in your faith…

What could be better than a morning like that?!

Well, that is exactly what you will get at Breakfast & Bibles!

Breakfast & Bibles was created to create a community of like-minded individuals who want to bring faith into every aspect of our lives, especially our work lives.

Whether you work at home, in the field, in a corporate setting, or anywhere, you are invited to come enjoy some coffee, a light breakfast, great speakers, and awesome connections


Mental Fitness Faith Moment: Glen Stevens, Mental Fitness Coach

Keynote Speaker: Michael Bloom

Meet Our Speaker!

Michael Bloom grew up in Modesto, California, about 90 miles from San Francisco. In 2008, he moved from Modesto and made Fargo his home. Michael worked as a Police Officer in Fargo from 2014 to 2022. He worked as a Patrol Officer, Community Trust Officer, and School Resource Officer during his tenure. As a part of his regular duties, Michael regularly visited youth in local detention and treatment centers. His passion grew, and he hoped to do more for incarcerated people.


In 2022, Michael retired from the Fargo PD and started Hip Hop and Hope, a nonprofit that hosts conference events for the incarcerated. Hip Hop and Hope’s mission is to meet people in the middle of their mess and remind them that if they are not dead, they are not done. So far, the program has reached one thousand incarcerated people and has seen 40 people say they wanted a real relationship with God.

Michael has been married to his beautiful wife, Casey, for ten years, and they have four children.

Michael Bloom Headshot

Do you want to speak at an up coming Breakfast & Bibles or do you know someone else who should? 

Apply or nominate them today!

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Why Should You Come?

  • Are you looking to grow in your faith and meet others who want to do the same?


  • Have you drifted away from God and want to grow in your relationship with Him, but don’t know where to start?


  • Are you seeking something more from life… but you aren’t sure what?


  •  Do you want to meet a community of individuals who are all committed to their Christian faith… no matter what specific religion they follow?


  •  Do you want to learn how to bring your faith back into every area of your life?
If you answered YES to even just one of these questions… This event is for YOU!

All Upcoming 2023 Event Dates

November 3rd

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