Why Do You Think YOU Can Do It?

But this new adventure has brought up some thoughts and feelings that I had been pushing away for awhile that I needed to deal with. When I started to tell people about this event, I would get insecure and I would feel like the people I was sharing it with were judging me. 

I felt like they were thinking: 

“Why does she think she can put on a faith based event?”

“She isn’t even that holy… she is such a hypocrite.” 

“Why is she trying so hard? She is just doing this for attention.”

What Making Oatmeal Taught Me About Time Management

Until one day, I discovered this delicious oatmeal recipe and started wanting to have it for breakfast every day. Just one problem, I would always run out of time in the morning to still throw it together!
So as time goes on, I knew I needed to make a change. I absolutely must find time for breakfast. It was critical to my health.

What Driving In A Snow Storm Can Teach You

“UGH!! This is so frustrating. Don’t all of these cars passing me realize how bad the conditions are? Maybe they’ll get in an accident…then they’ll learn…” I am embarrassed to admit the things I was saying in my head. But needless to say, I was not thinking kind thoughts about these cars passing me.


This saying has been around since I can remember, and it is often related to doing things spontaneously or recklessly, because heck… you only live once! I was recently listening to a podcast called “You Only Live Once… So Commit” from The Happiness Lab, and it really got me thinking. We are extremely afraid of commitment. Why, though? 

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