Why Is Delegating So Hard? 

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From the desk of Grace Lange, 

Delegate, delegate, delegate… 

We hear that all the time when we are overwhelmed. 

Just ask someone for help, they say. 

Well… I know that is much easier said than done… 

And I was recently wondering why. Why is delegating so emotional? Why do we not want to give up our tasks even if they stress us out? Why can’t we just delegate?! 

A Story About My Struggle With Delegating

As you may know from an earlier blog, I had the wonderful opportunity to coach 5th and 6th grade softball this summer. It was such a fun experience, and I am already excited for next summer! 

That being said, I was asked to coach alongside another coach who is super talented and a great coach. She had coached many young teams in the past, and she truthfully may have been an even better coach than I was! 

Now before each practice we would have to come up with practice plans and make sure we were prepared before the day arrived. 

Each week I would scramble at the last minute to put plans together, because I wanted to be in charge of practice. Even though I had been traveling a lot for work and stressed about getting my work done, I would put the pressure on myself each week to write the practice plans. 

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I didn’t want to ask for help, because I wanted to be in charge… 

But in turn it was stressing me out. 

My life would have been so much better if I would have just asked her to help. 

So I realized.. 

My struggle with delegating comes from my need for control. 

Does yours? 

Delegating isn’t the hard part. The hard part is letting someone else put their touch on something that is important to you. 

So then, how do we let go of control? 

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Well… I am no expert, but here are a few things I am currently working on implementing into my life to help me let go of control: 

  1. Humble Myself: I remind myself daily that I am not the only one who can do things. Other people have talents that are just as good as mine, so it is okay that I allow them to utilize their talents. 
  2. Question Myself: This may sound weird right away, but what I mean by this is to ask myself questions. I ask myself things like, “Is this project or task bringing me joy? Why do I want to own this task? Am I seeking control to make a good impact or because I am scared to be out of control?” 
  3. Pray About It: Ask God to give you the grace to let go of control. Ultimately we are not in control in the first place, so when we try and force things, we are basically telling God that our plan is better than his, and that’s not true! 

After all, one of the most important bible verses in the entire bible says this: 

God said to Moses—“delegate; let other men share the burden with you so that you don’t bear it alone.” Numbers 11:17

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