You Know That Feeling…

From the desk of Grace Lange,

You know that feeling… 

That feeling when you take a moment to yourself and realize that you are exactly where you are supposed to be…. 

That time and place when you recognize that you are completely aligned with who and what you want to be… 

That’s the feeling I want more of. 

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend Sam asked me this question: 

Have you ever had one of those moments where it felt like time stopped and you looked around and embraced every little thing? 

Now it took me a while to think of a time when this had happened to me, but when I did, this is what I came up with. 

  1. My senior year of highschool, my competitive cheer team stunt group won 4th in state, and we were all on the mat receiving our medals and trophies and the feeling is something I can’t even explain.
  2. At our 2023 Women’s Goal Setting Summit in Fargo, I took a second and looked around and thought to myself… Wow. We did this. 
  3. A few weeks ago I was at my family hunting cabin, and my sister, dad, and I were all together sitting on our deck drinking coffee. This hasn’t happened in years, and it reminded me of how important my family time is to me! 

I am sure there are a few other instances that this has happened, but these few things got me thinking… 

Why are those the moments I took a step back to soak them in? 

Why are those the moments that instantly came back to my mind? 

Well, here’s why. 

In each of these moments I was completely aligned with my values and my giftings. 

Let me explain this a bit more… 

  1. Sports are and always have been a huge part of my life. I always worked so hard to improve our team, and I saw myself as a leader on our team. At that exact moment that we got 4th in state, I was completely aligned with who I wanted and had be striving to be. 
  2. I believe that my God given talent and gifts are to bring people together for one cause and to get people excited. At the 2023 Women’s Goal Setting Summit, I did just that. I used my giftings to my absolute fullest potential to impact the lives of the women in our community. 
  3. My family means so much to me, but I don’t always make the time to spend quality time with them. At that moment when we were all sitting there together, it was the first time that I had felt completely aligned with who I am and want to be in a long time. 

My point in sharing these stories with you is to help you understand that when we do things that we know bring us joy, align with our God given gifts and talents, and align with our values, we are going to have more moments that take our breath away. 

Aligning with our gifts is the first step into a life of fulfillment and joy… And it is up to you to fill your life with more of these moments! 

So when was the last time where it felt like time stopped and you looked around and embraced every little thing? 

What does God say about this? 

Every one of us has been blessed with God-given talents. The Bible clearly spells it out in the first half of Romans 12:6, which says, “In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.” That is his promise to us!

But even though we know God has blessed us with certain talents, using your God-given talents can still be a challenge. It can be difficult to know where you can put your gifts to use, and sometimes it’s hard to know what exactly your talents are.

This article from Ramsey Solutions spells it out perfectly. Check it out!

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