Are You A Fixer-Upper?

house renovation

From the desk of Grace Lange, 

What kind of TV shows do you like to watch? 

Have you ever watched one of those home DIY, fixer-upper shows before? 

I love watching those shows, because I find it completely amazing how they can take a home or a space that seems like it has no potential, and make it into something beautiful and useful! 

house renovation
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The architects and designers seem to see potential in every space and know exactly what it needs to make it better. 

Have you ever thought of yourself like a fixer-upper home? 

Now I don’t mean literally, but sort of like a work in progress that just needs a little help? 

I was recently reading my morning devotional, and they compared people to a fixer upper home…

Like we sort of have it together but we have a lot of work that could be done to make our souls look and feel a little better…

But instead of having a designer or architect redesign us or change our body, God is the designer and architect of our lives. 

He is the one with the control to change us and make us the best we can be! 

Now in my life, I could use quite a bit of work. 

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There are areas or rooms of my life that look prettier than others, and there are definitely areas that look like they came from 70s, with the orange carpet and all. 

But when I was reflecting on how so many areas of my life need work, I realized these three things: 

  1. I can only change one thing at a time. If I try to work on all areas of my life at once, I will get frustrated and never do anything at all. I need to start small. 
  2. I need to define what change or redesigning a part of my life looks like before I start. What does success mean to me? Do I need to completely start over or do I just need a good cleaning? 
  3. I ultimately need to let God love me in the ugly rooms and the pretty rooms of my soul. He knows that some parts of my life aren’t going to be good, but he also created me, so he knows my heart! He wants to love me and wants me to love myself too! 

What areas of your soul and body need a little fixing up? 

two people checking on a construction project
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How can you let God fix them for you? 

Now if you’d like a little help learning how to lean on God more, come to our next Breakfast & Bibles to chat with others who are trying to do the same! 


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