How to Deal With Unexpected Change

roller coaster ride

From the desk of Caitlin Hanson,

Simply put, change is uncomfortable. 

It’s safe to say that many of us don’t enjoy the process of having our life shift – whether it’s our routines, careers, relationships, or geographics… Change is hard.

There are a couple of people in my life who thrive on change. It excites them knowing that new opportunities, jobs, and places to live are out there. And it is so interesting to observe them and hear why they love taking on new changes in their life. 

While some people see it as a life adventure, I view change as if I was on the highest point of a roller coaster, about to plummet. Others get a thrilling feeling, I get the feeling of quick and sudden doom!

There is a quote from Heraclitus that has always stood out to me. It says, “the only constant in life is change.”

I know…. it took awhile for that to sink in for me too…

So, how can we view change as a positive thing?

1. Change Helps Us Grow

No matter how uncomfortable change may be for you, it truly pushes us outside of our comfort zone. After every season of change we experience – big or small – we often look back on those times and see how they refined us to be a better version of ourselves.

2. Change Opens Unexpected Doors

I think the key to accepting change in our life is the willingness to be open-minded. Throughout my life experiences, I do not regret the chances I took, where at the time, it felt like a long-shot. 

Whether it be a career change or the transition of old friends moving away and creating new ones, 90 percent of the time, it will feel weird embracing that change. But the last 10 percent will reveal new opportunities, experiences, and life lessons you could’ve never imagined yourself experiencing!

3. Change Gives Us Wisdom

With the stretching season that change often brings, those challenging decisions or emotions that come with it gives us wisdom that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. 

In the midst of an overwhelming time of transition, it’s easy to feel like we are all alone. But nothing is more rewarding than sharing your advice to others who are going through a similar stage that you were once in. 

Sharing your experience with others will be a positive light to those who also feel like they’re alone in their season of change.

What does God have to say about this?

While seasons of change are normal in this life, we can have hope in the knowledge that Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). God has a plan for our life and even though it may seem like a complete mess to us at the moment, we can have peace and confidence that He is continuing to guide and lead us to where He wants us to be. 

If you are struggling with change right now, here are a few reminders:

You are not alone. 

God is with you right now, even when it doesn’t feel like it. (Joshua 1:9)

You are strong with facing and figuring out this season of change in your life.

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