Expect The Unexpected

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From the desk of Grace Lange, 

You guys… 

The most hilarious/embarrassing thing happened to me the other day. 

You know you hear those horror stories about weird things happening to people over Zoom calls? 

Well that happened to me! 


I have been working from home back in my hometown for the past several months now at my parents house. 

Now my parents just redid their kitchen, and it is beautiful… like beautiful. 

So naturally I love to sit at the big island and work there often, and typically I am uninterrupted during the day because my parents are both at work. 

Well… a few weeks ago I was enjoying a super nice conversation with a new connection about our lives, habits, and how we want to grow in the new year when my Dad walked up the stairs. 

I did not have my blurred background on, so we were able to see him on the side of the camera. 

No big deal. 

Then he went to change out of his work clothes and into his “home work clothes” to go work on his shed and do other dad things. 

My connection and I carried on our conversation, when all of a sudden… 

person writing on notebook
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My dad walks out again. 

Only this time WITH NO SHIRT ON. 

My face turns red, and I try to ignore what is happening, but neither of us could hold it in and we burst out in laughter! 

Talk about expecting the unexpected… 

He walked down the stairs again out of sight. 

But then as we were starting to wrap up the call, I heard my dad literally crawling on the floor behind me to avoid being in the video! 

It took everything in me to not burst out into rolling laughter! 

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Expect the unexpected! 

As soon as I wrapped up the call I let it loose and was in tears laughing so hard, and talked to my dad and he thought it was the funniest thing in the world! 

It was one of the most embarrassing things to happen to me on a Zoom call, but he saw it as good humor… 

Ugh what a dad!

Now you might be wondering why I am telling you this story or what this has to do with anything… 

And to be honest I simply wrote this blog for pure entertainment, but there are a few things to take away from this story: 

  1. Don’t take life too seriously. It is more than okay to laugh at yourself, even if you are on a serious call and your ½ naked dad walks out behind you! 
  2. Always be ready for something to happen that you may not expect… PPPPPP – Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance as my high school algebra teacher once said! 
  3. And most importantly, always have your blurred background on during your Zoom calls under all circumstances! 

I hope this brought you a little joy today! 

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