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You know that ideal version of yourself you strive to be? You know what you want to feel, what your behaviors should be, what you want to achieve. Then, when you revert back to old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviors, you’re left with feelings of failure and frustration again and again. 

The greatest barrier you face in life is you.

There is not one area of our life that isn’t impacted by our health and well-being. Becoming a healthier version of yourself ripples into every part of your life, including your relationships, your career, and your overall happiness. 

It requires constant and intentional effort and courage. BUT THAT CAN BE HARD! And often times we get frustrated and stuck because we revert back to old habits, old ways, old patterns of thinking. 

Why is that??? 

The human brain is an incredibly complex and dynamic organ. 

Anatomical brain drawing clipart, man

It controls who we are and how we operate, including everything from memory and emotion to vision and hunger. 

Mental health is a prerequisite for OVERALL health. 

Want to know something wild- there is a powerful connection between emotion, inflammation, and immune function! 

We won’t get too in the weeds here here but… 

Toxic thoughts create inflammation, and there is interesting science behind how your environment & food choices influences your mind.

Specific inflammatory markers can be improved with emotions like gratitude and exercise! Increasing your physical resilience can impact your mental health and improve every aspect of your life.

How do we actually break the mold and change the course and direction of our lives if we want to? How do we change our experience of life as a whole, and live a life of more health, happiness, and fulfillment? 

It all intrinsically happens when you alter what’s happening inside of you, not outside of you. When you learn how to alter your traits, you learn how to live differently! 

I was fortunate enough to meet Troy White at a networking group a few months back and immediately knew I wanted to partner with him! I want everyone in hear his POWERFUL message and learn to take control of their lives! And by ripple effect positively impact the lives of those around them, which in return will have a PROFOUND impact on our community! 

On Jan 28th Troy White, founder of Upstream will share how he overcame the anxiety, trauma, and PTSD in his life and will walk you through the same proven process to help you break through self-imposed barriers, take control of your life, and create lasting change.

In this powerful “why didn’t someone show me this sooner” event, you will:

  • Discover what drives your emotions and behavior and how to take control of them
  • Become the master of your destiny rather than feeling like a victim of your circumstances
  • Understand the fear, doubt, stress and worry that plagues you and how to conquer it
  • Reveal the cause for your “need to control” & how to let go
  • Learn why traditional approaches to emotional and behavioral change can leave you feeling more “broken”
  • Follow a step-by-step process to break through, achieve success, and build lasting change from within

Bring a friend, or three, or five or 10 and join us at the Fargo Theatre! 

All ticket proceeds will go to Down Home, a local non-profit that provides home furnishings for those coming out of homelessness.


My passions are helping people be the best version of themselves!

To be that you have to have a happy and healthy life. You have to wake up and feel good and know how to move your body right. Community is a big part of that, too. 

F45 encompasses all of that; The brand’s tagline is “Team Training, Life Changing.” 


F45 Training workouts are designed to unify the muscle groups of the body and to help make you feel and perform better in all aspects of your life.

Functional Training is a classification of exercise which involves training for activities performed in daily life and is designed to help individuals move and perform better in their everyday activities. 

These types of exercises typically involve the use of your full body and multiple muscle groups, and consistent adherence can lead to a range of benefits including improved energy, body composition, metabolic function and sleep, and decreases in fat mass, stress, depression and risk of lifestyle diseases.”

A workout isn’t about mirrors, mood lights or followers. It’s about what you do with your time. It’s about how you feel when it’s finished. And who supported you along the way. F45 is group fitness, with the effectiveness and attention of a personal trainer. We are world-class workouts, designed so that anyone can participate. A global gym, made by the people in your community. We are the workouts you’ve always wanted. With the team you didn’t know you needed.”  #TeamTraining #LifeChanging 

It’s more than just #fitness

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