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From the desk of Grace Lange, 

Do you know the song by Tim McGraw, Humble and Kind? 

Every time I hear that song it really makes me think about the virtue of humbleness and how we all could work on this one. 

Some people are naturally humble and it is an ora that spreads like wildfire, but when you are around people who aren’t humble, that can impact you just as much. 

What does it really mean to be humble? 

The real definition is: having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

When you read that line, what comes to your mind? 

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This is what it makes me think: 

The world tells us that we are so important… 

We need to put ourselves first… 

Take care of your needs before others… 

You are in control… 

Society tells us that we should worry about ourselves and that we are SO important. 

When in reality, when we focus on ourselves so much, it actually has a negative impact on you. 

Humbleness comes when we move the focus from ourselves to focusing on others and how we can be of service. 

I know this might seem contradictory to some of the topics we have discussed on our blogs in the past when it comes to things like taking care of your needs first, or prioritizing you… 

But humbleness is different than that.

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Humbleness comes from knowing that we all put our pants on one leg at a time. 

It comes from knowing that we are small and God is big. 

It comes from knowing that we truly are not as important as we think we are… 

And it comes from knowing that we are not in control and we can’t do it all ourselves. 

So really, it doesn’t contradict our past teachings, because when you need to prioritize yourself, this means you need to humble yourself and ask for help. 

It means that you aren’t superman and you can’t do it all. 

When you try to be everything to everyone, work your ass off until you are burnt out, and never ask for help, it really shows that you think you can do it all. 

But you can’t. 

We need to learn to humble ourselves enough to know that we can’t do it all. We need help. We need God. 

There is this prayer that I want to share with you: 

The virtue of humility is something to strive for everyday.

What does being humble mean to you? 

And if you need a daily reminder to stay humble, turn on some Tim McGraw baby!!! 

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