It’s A Tradition

variety of assorted designed cookies

From the desk of Grace, 

I love family traditions, especially around Christmas time. 

Since I can remember, my family spends one whole afternoon or evening baking Christmas goodies. 

We make everything from peanut butter balls, Christmas wreaths, salted nut rolls, and sugar cookie cutouts… 

variety of assorted designed cookies
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But my favorite of them all is when we make our gingerbread men and decorate them as ourselves!

Let’s just say… Thank goodness we aren’t cookies, because we don’t look so good! 

My entire family gets in on this tradition, and now my boyfriend has joined us too. It is something that always has been and always will be until we need to create a new one. 

There are so many other family traditions that we follow, and we stick to no matter what. We stick to them, because they bring us a sense of security, wholeness, and love. 

Family traditions help us to slow down time and find joy in the small things. 

And we ALWAYS do them. 

Do you have a family tradition that your family ALWAYS does? No matter what? 

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As we were preparing to make our goodies this year, I was thinking of how much this meant to me, and if we didn’t do it things would feel weird and sort of off balance. 

It got me thinking of how we should have the mindset that we have towards our traditions as we have towards things like our habits or our goals. 

For instance, I really want to have a better morning routine. I want to create a routine that I can stick to no matter where I am. 

But in order to do so, I need to create better habits. 

What if I used the word tradition in place of habits? 

What if I said, “I need to create a morning tradition.” 

Now that sounds a bit more exciting doesn’t it?! 

I want to create a morning tradition that brings me joy, helps me to feel grounded, and makes me feel closer to the things that matter. And if I don’t do my morning tradition, I may feel sad or off balance. 

A lot of life is all about our mindset and how we think about things. 

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Setting habits and goals has been ingrained into our brains as something we need to do to grow or improve… But that doesn’t seem to work so well sometimes. 

We need to change our mindset to things that do work, and traditions do work. We stick to them, because we see the importance and we love the feeling of when our traditions happen each year or more. 

So maybe instead of creating a new habit or goal this year, what if you create a new tradition for yourself or your family? 

Oh… and if you need a little help creating your new tradition for 2023, you should check out our 2023 Women’s Goal Setting Summit on January 13th!


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