Time Well Spent

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From the desk of Grace Lange, 

Describe your best day ever. 

What do you do? 

How do you spend your time? 

Who are you with? 

What are you wearing? 

Where are you? 

My Perfect Day

If I were to portray my perfect day to you, I would wake up at 5:30am… 

Put my slippers on, walk downstairs, pour myself a cup of hot coffee… 

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Then I would sit outside on a beautiful patio watching the dew rise off of the grass. 

I would spend time reading the bible, and then I would have an entire day planned around shopping at some downtown shops and having lunch at my favorite cafe.. 

Then I would finish my day off sitting on my patio playing cards with my loved ones and enjoying a nice Busch Light or a glass of wine. 


This seems like a pretty easy day to achieve, so why don’t I incorporate some of these things into my everyday life? Why don’t more of my days or weekends look like this? 

Recently, I was reflecting on where I spend my most time and when I feel like I am “too busy”. 

I realized that most of my time was spent doing things that don’t really matter at all or I was wasting SO MUCH TIME!! 

For instance… have you ever checked how much time you actually spend on your phone… 

Or even how many times you pick up your phone in one day? 

It’s sickening. 

person holding iphone showing social networks folder
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

I waste so much time. 

Spending time on my phone has nothing to do with the perfect day I described, so why do I do it so often? 

Worrying about senseless things has nothing to do with the perfect day I described. 


If we know what we enjoy doing, why don’t we spend more time doing it? 

I realize that not everyday can be my perfect day… I mean we’ve got to work sometime… 

But why couldn’t I wake up earlier and enjoy my coffee each morning? 

Or why couldn’t I play a game of cards and have a glass of wine a few times a week? 

Who’s stopping me? 

I think the person stopping us is our habits and the easy way out. We are so accustomed to spending time on our phones that we have forgotten to spend time doing the things that bring us the most joy. 

It is so much easier to open up Instagram and TikTok and scroll for 30 minutes than to gather some friends together and play games. And don’t worry… I am just as guilty of this as you are. 

We are robbing ourselves of life’s most precious experiences. 

I once had a friend tell me that her goal is to “experience every day, not just spend her time doing things.” 

How do you want everyday to feel? How can you experience every moment, not just spend every moment? 

Ultimately, we are in charge of our days, our minutes, and our lives, so it is up to us to spend our time wisely. 

I challenge you to write down what your perfect day looks like. 

Take note of the simple things you enjoy. 

How can you implement those things into each and everyday?

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