Trust. Pray. Reflect 


From the desk of Hannah Kogler,

Have you ever had a tough time understanding that you have no control in God’s plan for your life?

If so, I’m with you!

Honestly, just typing that sentence makes me a little uneasy. As a type A person who likes to have everything planned out, I’m talking i’s dotted and t’s crossed, it can be really hard to let go and trust in his plan. 

But it’s possible. And in my opinion, necessary to live a happy, positive life.  

So how can we do it?

Trust. Pray. Reflect.

Let me explain by taking you about five years back into my life. 

The Derailed Plan 

I was dating my now husband, Tyler. Due to meeting while he was on an internship, the first year of our relationship was long distance. It wasn’t so bad and looking back, I’m truly thankful for the effort we both put in to better our communication skills. 

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Anyways, I had the best summer planned out. Tyler was going to get an internship in Fargo so we could finally live together. Then he would head back to Wisconsin for one more semester to finish up his engineering degree and make his way back up to Fargo so we could finally start our lives together. It seemed like a picture perfect six or seven months if you ask me! 

Apparently God didn’t think so. My perfectly orchestrated plans were derailed as Tyler decided to take a job in Wichita, Kansas. While I was really proud of him, it was devastating at the time. But there was a reason. One bigger than I could even fathom to understand. 

God Provides 

Flash forward five years back to the present moment. Tyler and I are married and live in Fargo with our beautiful daughter, Harper, who is nearing two years.

Tyler gets to do what he loves every day at the same company he worked for in Wichita that summer. That internship opened the door for not only him, but for our family. This job provides in so many ways for our family while also giving him the necessary flexibility to be the best father to Harper. It’s near picture perfect. 

God provided Tyler with that internship so he could provide for our family later on. And he placed this obstacle in my life as a teaching moment – one I desperately needed.  

Trust Pray Reflect 

Looking back, this seems like a somewhat silly situation to get so worked up about knowing what I know now. But at the time, I couldn’t see what God had in store. Nor could I trust that he was working tirelessly up there for Tyler and I’s future. I only saw what was happening at the moment. 

But now, because of that situation, I trust him a little more, especially in times of uncertainty. Here’s three words to remember when you’re having a tough time letting go: 

Trust: While it can be challenging to understand why God places certain crosses to bear in our life, we have to do our best to let go. He knows what he’s doing and he’ll never close a door without presenting an open one. 

Pray: If you’re unsure of what’s happening, let him know. Simply connect with him. Pray for a sign of confidence, pray for understanding or pray for guidance. Whatever you do, don’t shut the door on him during these challenging times. 

Reflect: Look back at situations in your life that were challenging and reflect on the blessings that came from them. Thank him for those blessings and for being patient with you as you adjusted to his plan. 

From the self-proclaimed planner, I hope these tips can help you trust in the Lord’s plan as much as they’ve helped me. 

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