At Least You Don’t Have A Squirrel In Your Toilet

From the desk of Grace Lange, 

A few weeks ago I spent a few days in my hometown with my family and friends, and I made my way back to Fargo on a Wednesday evening… 

I parked my car in my driveway, and rushed inside to use the bathroom after a long car ride. 

I ran up the stairs and opened the toilet seat, and what do you know… 


A dead freaking squirrel. 

Immediately I scream, call my dad, my boyfriend, my mom, and my sister and try to explain to them what just happened to me… 

How does a squirrel get in my toilet?! 

To this day I still have no idea how this happened or why this happened. I believe it will always be a mystery… 

And if you want to know how I got it out, reach out to me and that will be a conversation we’ll have to have over a beer! 

As crazy as this story was, it got me thinking… 

There has to be some sort of lesson to come out of this. 

Here is what I came up with: 

I have a tendency to make a big deal out of the little things in life. Do you? 

When one little thing goes wrong, I always feel like it is the end of the world. I’ll give you some examples… 

  • I accidently send an email out that has the wrong information in it
  • I forget about a meeting that I am supposed to be at or I have to cancel a meeting for some reason
  • I miss a workout one day or eat too much 
  • I am running late to something or the people I am with don’t have the same urgency as me

These things seem so little or unimportant… but sometimes I get so overwhelmed by little mistakes or issues that I can barely go on. 

I realized that I need to remind myself that things aren’t so bad… 

When these little things go wrong or we have little issues, I need to remind myself that at least I don’t have a squirrel in my toilet today! 

I mean in reality, what’s the worst that could happen? 

When you find yourself getting upset or letting the little things in life affect you… 

I challenge you to tell yourself, “At least I don’t have a squirrel in my toilet today!”

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