Letting Faith Flow

Hi, my name is Tracy Fixen and I am the creator of The Revived Mom.

The Revived Mom became my overall wellness brand because I discovered that God created me to do many random things and this company actually encompasses everything about what we do….

It’s my mission to help women truly care for themselves spiritually and physically.

I believe in developing a relationship with Jesus over the rules.

I am a Shaklee Wellness Consultant, Holy Yoga Instructor, and business owner who simply loves to share Jesus with others. Learning to simply let my faith flow has been one of the most powerful lessons that I continue to learn in my life.

About five years ago, I had heard of this company called Holy Yoga and decided then I wanted to become an instructor….

One of my friends asked me, “Have you ever even done yoga?”

…and of course the answer was no. So I let it go.

However in July of 2020, I injured myself while running and ended up taking the year off of physical activity after that. By January of 2021, I was in a pretty dark place and needed to get physically active again.

One day I checked my inbox and there was a “last call” email to enroll in the next 200 hour Holy Yoga training class. I decided it was the time so I jumped in and officially became an instructor in May of 2021….

But what I didn’t realize is that I wasn’t just becoming an instructor to add to my business but the transformation God had in store for me during that training was incredible.

He helped me shed lies that I had been carrying about my physical body for years. He reminded me of how worthy I was as a person. That training taught me how to let emotions flow. It taught me how to let my faith flow.

…And because of that I’ve been able to take that practice into many areas of my life and business.

I’m not what social media would call a traditional yoga teacher.

In fact, sometimes we just sit there and think about God. I read scripture over my class, I pray for them, and we listen to praise music. We use that time on our mats to honor God with our whole being. It’s our space to use our bodies as a living sacrifice. And mostly, we use that time to be in our relationship with Jesus. 

I grew up in the church but was raised on the rules.

I was never really taught how to have a relationship with Jesus. I thought that our faith was all about doing the right things and checking all the boxes. And in our human nature, we want rules.

We want to do things right. We don’t want to make a mistake. But that’s not how relationships work.

They take spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. It takes talking (praying) but also listening (sitting in silence).

When we get hyper focused on the rules, we don’t give God room to be God. We try so hard to control the situations in our lives that we end up in more pain than God ever intended for us. Sometimes things in our lives come to a point where we need to ask ourselves, “Do we want to stay in this much pain or do we want the peace and rest that Jesus provides?”

…And to do that, we need to let go and let our faith flow. 

Communication is really key when it comes to letting go too. You may not be able to do it all and rather than hiding it and trying to make it work, communicating with those around you that you need help or you need something off of your plate is another way to give God room in your life.

I struggle the most in letting faith flow in my parenting. Situations come up so quickly that I tend to react (or really overreact) rather than pausing, praying, and letting God take over.

God wants our hearts in every aspect of our lives. 

Part of my company is to encourage women to nourish to flourish and that doesn’t just mean what we consume for food. I believe all of our senses are taking in things all of the time that can help our whole-self flourish.

Matthew 6:22 “The lamp of the body is the eye.” so what do we consume visually.

We are constantly surrounded by images that are telling us a certain story and we have to ask ourselves if it’s from God and something that brings light to our lives and to those around us. The things that we listen to also contribute to how we nourish our bodies.

Yes… it’s good to have fun and God wants us to enjoy life. But are we being mindful enough to our bodies where the things we are consuming are helping or hurting us? It’s a fine line between grit and grace and we need both. 

I’d end with this verse to share with others from Matthew 7:3, “Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?”.

I made a note in my Bible by that verse in 2018 to remind myself to work on myself first. But after reading it again in 2022, I changed my mind from “work on myself first” to “work on myself continually”.

Our relationship and journey with God never ends. We can always work to better ourselves especially when it comes to letting go and simply letting faith flow. 

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