Is it worth the wait? 

From the desk of Grace Lange, 

Patience is a virtue they say… 

But damn it, sometimes being patient is the hardest thing a person can do. 

I really struggle with being patient, and I was wondering the other day why that is. 

Am I scared of what is going to happen so I want it now? 

Am I not grateful for where I am right now? 

Am I unhappy? 

What the heck is my problem?! 

I think the real issue is that we have accustomed our minds to move so fast and rush, that we forget to live in the moment that was created specifically for us. 

We forget that the best things happen when we are waiting for what we think we want. 

I have had the great privilege to grow up in farm country and be surrounded by farmers my entire life, but it wasn’t until I started dating one that I realized the joy and persistence that comes from waiting… 

My boyfriend, Sam, is a farmer, and the other day I was working away inside, and he comes running in the house and yells, “Grace look outside!! It’s pouring!!”

Sure enough, a peaceful, steady rain was hitting the leaves of the corn, and his smile and sense of relief filled me with joy. 

His patience and prayers had paid off. It rained. 

Something like rain is completely out of our control. We cannot decide if it rains, storms, or if there is a drought. 

So… why do we think we can decide what will happen in our future? 

In reality, everything is out of our control. God already has a plan for us that is much better than we will ever know, and he is just asking us to be patient and steadfast in our prayer. 

Do you struggle with being patient? 

The next time you want something NOW, and it isn’t coming… 

Remember what it’s like to be a farmer waiting for rain. 

Be steadfast in prayer, and be patient. 

Patience is a virtue, because we are called to enjoy each moment and wait for the rain. 

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