Less Is More

From the desk of Megan Miller,

As I write this to share who I am and what I do, I want to highlight we are all human. I carry the title of wife to my husband Eric and dog mom to my golden doodle Mr. Finn.

My husband and I share the title of homeowner as we recently bought a house together and are working to renovate our house.

I was a collegiate athlete on the swim team and used to workout 3+hours per day. The mentality “I can always do more” was just a part of my nature all through life.

Being as competitive as am, finding balance and a “new normal” in this life after college and collegiate coaching for 5 years has been a challenge, to say the least.

I am now a health coach and truly in the business of helping people. I work with individuals to find a lifestyle through nutrition and movement that is sustainable for the individual.

For me in this season of life that looks like “less.” This word is my focus for the year and being intentional and helping people realize what they are capable of.

Two practical ways I am demonstrating less is through not buying any new clothes this year and through limiting distractions by time blocking my days.

Here are 3 tips I have for you in order to incorporate health and wellness into your routine.

  1. Mindset
    Find time to take care of your mind through devotions and reflection.
    Putting God first also helps me to know that I’m not in control and it allows me to not be as stressed. Prioritize me so I can show up the best for those around me. Be intentional with your schedule, we create our own balance.
  2. Tracking food – Eeeeek scary!
    Tracking food has given me so much freedom. This has been a huge piece to the puzzle for me in the education behind nutrition and truly learning what I need. I focus on “what gets measured gets managed.” When we can measure what we are putting into our body, we can learn what we are doing and where there may be gaps. We get to learn about the foods that we can have “all the time” that gives our bodies the nutrients we need AND we can have the “sometimes” foods that we are able to incorporate into our day
  3. Set goals you know you can keep I often ask my clients two important questions:
  4. Can you adhere to it? Can you adhere to it forever?
    For physical fitness, I am focusing in on 45 minutes of any kind of movement per day. This helps me be realistic about what I know I can truly do. A huge lesson I have learned about myself is getting away from the mentality of “all or nothing” and into the mentality of “progress over protection.” Find the opportunity in today.
    Our health isn’t seasonal. What are you prioritizing? Are you finding that less is more?

Favorite quotes:
Show me your day and I’ll show you your priorities.
“Progress over perfection.

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