Lord, Bring Me A Friend

From the desk of Grace Lange, 

Have you ever walked into a room and thought to yourself… 

I do not fit in here. 

Either I’m weird and no one wants to talk to me or everyone else is just scary and doesn’t see me…

I’ve definitely been there and let me tell you, it’s not a great feeling. 

A few weeks ago I wanted to attend a networking event, and I knew I wouldn’t know anyone there, but I told myself I had to go… 

Going to events like these would be the only way I could meet people, so I got in my car and started driving. 

As I was a few miles away, I called my mom and told her how nervous I was to go to this event. My stomach was turning (which happens every time I get worried, and it is actually the worst feeling in the world) and I was sweating… 

I was practically in tears sitting in the parking lot thinking about the conversations I was about to have with people I didn’t know – that is only if they talk to me, because they probably won’t because I am weird and no one will like me… 

Those thoughts sound crazy, but they are the actual thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis.. So ridiculous.


I sat there for a while and decided to say a quick prayer before going in. 

I simply asked God to bring me a friend. I asked him to bring me someone to talk to and someone to make me feel welcome. 

And what do you know… 

I walked into that room and it was just fine. People talked to me and asked me questions, and cared what I had to say. SUCCESS. THANK YOU, LORD. 

So my point in telling you this story is that this sort of situation happens all the time. 

How often do you get nervous before walking into a meeting, an event, or even just going home when you know you need to have a hard conversation… 

How often do you feel alone in your thoughts or beliefs? 

Loneliness creeps in whenever the devil doesn’t want us to feel confident… 

Which is all the time. 

But, we can combat this with prayer. 

Have you ever asked God to bring you a friend? 

God is always with us, and he will never let us be alone. Ask him to bring you a friend. 

The next time you are walking into a meeting where you have to give a presentation that you are scared no one will like… Ask him to bring you a friend to support you. 

The next time you are walking into a networking event and you don’t know anyone and you are scared shitless… Ask him to bring you a friend who welcomes you with open arms. 

The next time you have to have a hard conversation with your spouse, your kids, your coworker… Ask him to bring you a friend to stand by you and to help you be a friend to the person you are talking to. 

God will never let us down, and more importantly, he’ll never let us be alone. 

When do you feel loneliness creeping in the most? 

Have you ever tried asking God to bring you a friend? 

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