Align with Your Passions

From the desk of Grace Lange, 

There’s so much pressure to figure out what you are passionate about. 

When you graduate college, or even before you go, people expect you to know what you are passionate about and then expect you to pursue a career in that…. But I am a firm believer that your passions can change all the time. 


As many of you may know, I am in my senior year of college at North Dakota State University. I am studying marketing… but this wasn’t my first choice. 

When I first started college, I was majoring in hospitality management, then retail merchandising, then back to hospitality management, then finally picked a degree in marketing. 

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Now… don’t be fooled… I am not in love with marketing. To be honest, I really don’t like it much at all, but I knew I needed to get a degree, so here I am! 

People always tell me that I do not need to get a job in my degree, but I hate hearing that. Why would I waste 4 years of my life going to school for something I’ll never use? 

But now I get it. 

As I started to reflect on where I started and where I am now, I realized that I got to where I am because I just did the things that seemed interesting to me, even if it didn’t make sense to do them. 

I joined clubs, had internships, networked, and put myself in situations that were exciting to me… without even thinking that they would get me a job or lead me to finding my true passion some day. 

Little did I know that all of those things I was doing actually revealed my passions to me. 

I was so fixated on “discovering my passions” that I failed to see that the things I was doing right at that moment exposed what I am passionate about. 

So then it was up to me to expand on those things and choose a career and a life that aligned with my passions. 

For example… I found myself networking and meeting with women in the community every week, and I was joining clubs and organizations that helped me grow my consulting skills. Once I sat back and realized how much I enjoyed those things, I was able to recognize that my passion is connecting and helping others, especially women. 

Do you know your passion? 

What are you doing right now in your life that may actually be your passion? 

How can you capitalize on that to make your current life incorporate more of it? 

Are there areas in your current job where you could add in or modify to bring your passion in? 

Could you jon an organization or committee that allows you to show and grow your passion? 

When you align your passions with your work, you grow in fulfillment and ultimately avoid burnout.

What’s stopping you from following your dreams?

…But don’t worry. We know that this is a hard thing to do, and sometimes you just need to talk to someone about it! 

We want to help you discover and align with your passions, that’s why we have created the Resilience Multiplier 6 Week Peer Advisory Course for you and 19 other women.

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