Thought of You’s

From the desk of Kelsey Buell,

Do you know what a “thought of you” is? I didn’t either, until I decided to give it a name…

Before I explain what this is, let me give you the backstory.

I have always been in a relationship building career…very sales-oriented. I find myself having an easy time connecting with people for the first time.

Just call me “quick to connect.” 😉

On the flip side, what I’m not so good at is staying in touch with people once I’ve made that great connection.

In fact, I carry a lot of guilt when a long time passes without reconnecting with people I care about.

Do you ever feel this way?

Are you someone I haven’t connected with in a long time? If so, please take this as my apology. You wouldn’t receive this blog if I didn’t appreciate our connection.


First off, we have to start putting so much guilt and pressure on ourselves when we haven’t connected with someone for a while.

Second, I wanted to find a more simple, easy way to stay connected with people.

What I discovered is THE BEST thing to do is when you think of someone, for whatever reason it may be, to let them know in that moment.

Here’s how this goes…

Picture this…you’re going through your day, and you see a book on your desk that your friend Jennifer has read.

Then you go to the gym and are working out and hear a song in which the lyrics talk about something your friend Joe had mentioned recently.

And then you go to lunch and eat a meal your friend Sarah recommended.

After that, you pick up a newspaper and see an article about your previous boss, Alan.

Everything we see, hear, touch, and do, often has someone attached to it.

So why not acknowledge that you’re thinking of YOUR version of Joe, Sarah, Jennifer, and Alan by actually telling them?

So instead of just mindlessly going through the motions, what if periodically throughout your day, you sent texts, e-mails, or a thoughtful note, to someone when you think of them in that moment.

Not only does it make that person feel good, but it helps you to stay connected to people in your circle.

Give it a try! Send someone a “thought of you” today.

P.s. It might feel a bit cheesy at first. And you might even be nervous. Step outside your comfort zone and watch the magic unfold.

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