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From the desk of Grace Lange, 

How does goal setting make you feel? 

I have always been a person to dream big and set crazy goals for myself. I love to think about the future and imagine the amazing things I could accomplish. 

This becomes an issue, though, when I set goals and create ideas in my head that are so unrealistic. 

I am not alone.

A few weeks ago in my peer advisory group, we were discussing our goals for the rest of the year and the rest of the month… 

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We went through break through coaching, broke down our goals, and created simple steps to achieve them. As we left that meeting, everyone seemed more stressed than they were when we got there… 

I had an opportunity to chat with each of the women in my group about these goals a week later, and everyone said the same thing. 

“Setting these goals is making me more stressed out than not having any goals at all.”

This made me think… 

Maybe our goal should be to not set goals or maybe just to set more realistic, smaller goals. 

I mentioned this to the group a few weeks later, and everyone agreed. 

I realized that as high-achievers, we have a tendency to set extreme goals with unrealistic timelines and outcomes. We have a tendency to be hard on ourselves if we don’t always have another thing happening after we finish one thing.. 

Our goals changed from things like starting a blog to writing for fun and enjoying the little things… from spending more time with family to being more intentional about the time we have…

It is one thing to set goals, but it is another thing to set goals that stick and are realistic. 

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How do you do that? 

  1. Decide what your goal is. 
  2. Write it down. 
  3. Tell someone about it that will help keep you accountable. 
  4. Break the goal down to have smaller goals to reach first. 
  5. Decide whether or not that goal is realistic.. If not, re-define what winning at that goal looks like. 
  6. Create a timeline. 
  7. Enjoy each step along the way. 
  8. Celebrate wins.. Even the small things. 

We know that these things sound simple to do, but are actually difficult to stick to… 

So we wanted to give you a little help! 

Click below to download our FREE Re-Defining Winning Worksheet so you can learn how to re-define your goals!

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