Your Words Improve Your Mindset

From the desk of Kelsey Buell,

How you think is how you’ll speak and how you speak is how you’ll feel….

Have you ever noticed how your words improve your mindset?

When I was in a job I was unhappy with, I remember venting to my husband every day…

I would come home with a poor mental attitude and complain about the day.

The more I complained, and the more I vented, the more mad I would become.

It was a downward spiral…

The good news is…

The same is true for when you speak positively about your situation.

Now of course, you might be thinking “says the eternal optimist whose middle name happens to be Joy and she always seems so happy.”

Not true…

I get frustrated and disappointed frequently. And the more I complain, the worse it gets.

But the more I try to verbally express the positives about the situation or person I am frustrated with, the less painful it becomes.

So next time you are annoyed with a coworker or feeling down about your job….

Try to force some positive words about it.

Maybe even force a smile…

I promise you’ll feel much better.

So how do you do this?

There’s no “magic silver bullet solution,” but here are three top tips to improve your words…

1 – Be conscious of what you say. Once you really listen to what you’re saying, it’ll be enough to snap you back into reality. 

2 Distract yourself with something positive. You may sometimes become so busy overthinking everything that your thoughts go around and around and you cannot stop yourself from thinking and rethinking the same negative thought. If that happens, distract yourself. Stop thinking and start doing. 

3 – Ask for accountability. If there’s someone you typically “vent” to, ask them to hold you accountable for turning a complaint into a more positive perspective.

But wait, there’s more good news…!

You are NOT alone.

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