Priorities or Priority

By Grace Lange

What are your priorities right now? Are they different than they were last week? A month ago? Yesterday?

The plural word “priorities” is a new word, stemming from the singular word “priority”. The truth is, you can truly only have one priority at at time.

The definition of priority is first or foremost. There cannot be multiple priorities. There can be primary and secondary, but saying you have a ton priorities is like saying you are going in a million directions. It isn’t possible.

Many of us have this mindset that we want to prioritize our family, friends, work, and ourselves. All of those being huge commitments to put 100% in to each day…

As you read in the definition, it isn’t possible to put 100% into each of those priorities at the same time. It is important to recognize that you can have a new priority everyday, and they can even change throughout the day.

When you are at work, are you solely focused on putting 100% into your work, or are you thinking about what you have to do when you get home… or what you are missing out on?

Now the tricky part of all of this is that there is some guilt associated with choosing one priority over another.

Am I not spending enough time with my kids or my husband or on my work if I take this day for myself?

Am I a bad person if I say no to having drinks with the girls for the 5th week in a row, because you are swamped at work or your family needs you at home right now… then you wonder if they will even bother to ask you the next time.

We have this mindset that if we cannot prioritize our family, friends, and work, that we are a bad person and don’t deserve to even think about spending time on ourselves.

There has to be a mindset shift.

Instead of thinking about what you think you should be doing, or thinking that you need to be putting 100% into everything all the time…

Recognize that you can only have one priority at a time. Set boundaries for yourself and others. Allow yourself to give 50% to things that aren’t as important at the moment so you can give 100% to the thing that needs it most.

I guarantee that you will see a change when you give yourself permission to shift your priorities to a single priority when it needs to be.

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