Don’t Just Discover Your Purpose, Live It.

The backstory:

Like many little girls, when I was young, I always wanted to be a Disney princess.

Every Halloween I was a different princess and even when it wasn’t Halloween I always found reasons to dress up.

I was always singing at the top of my lungs and performing songs and dance routines in front of any willing audience.

Have you noticed how in every Disney movie, the princess is on a quest for her “larger meaning in life,” or her “purpose”?

Ariel just “wants to be where the people are…,” while Moana feels the “ocean is calling her.”

It is in our human nature to search for something larger.

The lie…

Unfortunately, many people spend their lives in constant dissatisfaction – Caught up in “doing and surviving”. We often think of purpose in terms of the future…

We think one day a lightning bolt will come out of the sky and we will finally discover our true purpose in life.

…and the harder we try to find it the further away it seems to get…

And we fear we will never reach our purpose.

A different perspective:

Have you ever stopped to consider, you may have more than one purpose?

As a woman of faith, I find the most purpose in knowing I am a child of God.

For you, in this moment, it may be to be a mom.

Or a good, loyal sister…

…A supportive wife…

…A loving coworker…

…Comic relief for a friend who just went through a tough situation.

Our purpose is right now, and our purpose is to choose to live each moment to the best of our abilities.

Even though I didn’t become a Disney princess or a professional singer, I find I channel a lot of my positive energy and love for performing to create a purpose-driven life that gives me passion.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I bet if you look deep enough, you can still find ways to channel your passions you had as a child into each and every day…

Your purpose doesn’t have to be some huge idea that will change the world.

It just has to be whatever will make this exact moment the best, and what will help those around you experience the same thing. 

Foster your inner child! Life is way too short to forget to enjoy the ride along the way.

We live in a fast-paced, crazy world. The happiest people are the ones who take life slow, enjoy each moment, and spread love and joy. 

Robert Byrne once said, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

If you are feeling like you have no meaning or can’t discover your purpose… stop, breathe, and soak in this moment. That’s your purpose.

What’s next?

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